About NRD

NRD Holdings is the first franchisee sponsored and managed equity fund. The fund's founder, Aziz Hashim, one of the most respected multi-unit, multi brand and multi-national franchisees, has sought to fill a gap in the franchise equity investing space by creating NRD with a mandate is to be a franchisee-centric fund. A core pillar of NRD's strategy is to invest in brands where franchisee success is a central value through action.

Franchising has evolved into one of the largest segments in of the US economy. With over 4,000 brands available to potential franchisees, navigating through the myriad of choices has become increasingly difficult.

NRD seeks to invest and add to its portfolio franchise brands that fulfill a strict criteria known as Own It!© which qualifies franchise opportunities under a rubrick of "The 5 Ps" (product, profit, people, processes, and partnership). The 5 Ps establish a clear focus on franchisee success and instill confidence in potential franchisees.

Through 25 years of experience in franchising with multiple brands, NRD's seasoned management team has developed the ability to identify franchisors and franchise management teams which have the potential to become excellent franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Our Team

  • Anwar "Andy" Bhayani

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Shana Gonzales

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Aziz Hashim

    President & Chief Executive Officer

  • Andy Polan

    Director, Real Estate & Construction

  • Akber Rahim

    Director of IT